5 Effective Waterproofing Ways To Protect Your Building In Winter

Heavy snow, fierce winds, and incessant rain contribute to damaging your home followed by deteriorating its luster. Well, there are ways to keep up the good shape of your roof and building provided you should be doing frequent inspection throughout the year to avert damages. Winter can negatively impact the beauty of your home and can leave several areas of your building vulnerable.

To minimize the risk of damage, it is imperative to solve the potential problems of the areas caused by inclement weather. A discerning person takes all necessary measures to keep the roof of the house protected from the water penetration in the interior. The roof maintenance can be done by roof waterproofing Queens NY if not possible by your diligent effort.

Heavy snowfall, rain, and cold temperatures during winter wreak havoc in NYC every year and immediate wall waterproofing services Bronx NY is not possible. You, as a responsible, homeowner, should be proactive to keep your house or building protected from weather damages. Whether it is the rooftop, unprotected basements, or crawl spaces, they are found flooded with several inches’ snow or engulfed by rainwater whenever heavy downpour begins.

Even a few droplets of water can develop cracks in the walls if left overlooked. Through walls of the roof, the water reaches the basement, causing the disruption for the foundation. A wet basement shouldn’t be ignored for it can enervate the base of the building over time, causing the mold to grow. To avoid the unhealthy problem caused by snow and rain, take precautions by hiring the licensed basement waterproofing contractor Brooklyn to mitigate the risk of house damages by catastrophic weather. We ensure to provide safety to the family members for years to come.

Here are some effective waterproofing tips you can adopt to keep your home safe.

1. Repair & Waterproof Sticky Doors & Windows

With the wet weather in winter, it is impossible to escape swelling and sticking of doors & windows. To keep the doors and window in good condition, our waterproofing experts in NYC make sure to seal them with a good coat of paint and use linseed oil that acts as a sealer. 

2. Repairs Cracks In Walls And Concrete

Walls and concrete develop cracks over time but that doesn’t mean to let it be in the same condition. To avoid future damages, we start with cleaning the crack with a high-pressure hose nozzle and apply the caulk in the cracked area. Doing this reduces the chances of developing cracks. If you leave the situation untreated, the water may freeze and make the situation worsen. 

3. Gutter Repairs

Our top waterproofers in Queens NY use a hose for clogged downspouts and flush out the clog easily. Secondly, we use extra-long lag screws for the replacement of loose gutter nails. The lag screws hold a good strength and can be easily installed as it is equipped with a nut driver bit. 

4. Repair Rusty Fixtures And Do Painting

Rust can cause huge damages to your home as it can lock up the fixture. Our professionals are well aware of how things need to be executed; they keep the fixtures well lubricated. Our team uses a paint stick to rust using paint additives that also stop the corrosion. Heavy grease, hinges, and latches are used for fixtures.

5. Paint Over Damages Caused By Water

We prefer using primer-sealer to remove water stains and follow guidelines professionally. We start by using oil-based sealers and choose only those sealers that have a high amount of solids. Solids are endowed with pigments that work to cover the stain. 

Following these waterproofing tips will keep up the condition of your home, saving your pocket on redundant expenses. Contact our waterproofing company NY to assist you further. 

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